You can now advertise on I Love Durban.

It certainly has been an interesting 18 months since the official launch of I Love Durban. The main objective of I Love Durban was to position Durban and KZN as a world class city and destination. We believe  KwaZulu Natal and Durban have so much to offer, but businesses don’t know how to promote their products, events, specials or services.
A major part of the 18 months has been a test and research phase to understand the community and the users of several I Love Durban platforms.
With more and more businesses looking at affordable, innovative ways to reach their target market, we launched the I Love Durban Blog/Website recently. We were amazed by the results as over we had over 200 000 unique visits to the blog/website in the first month.
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We also needed to understand the user behaviour with different advertising options using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With Facebook changing their algorithm, throttling pages and wanting current pages to boost posts, many existing admins on large pages and only reaching between 5 – 10% on organic posts.
The past two weeks have seen many newspapers close their doors as businesses look towards online, digital and social media to market and advertise their businesses.

We have worked with many case studies and clients over the past few months and the one thing is clear: Advertisers want the following:

– Affordability
– Return on Investment (ROI)
– Immediate Results
– Innovation
We are proud to report that the advertising on I Love Durban meets all those criteria. We would also like to point out that we are the FIRST and ONLY platform that offers this.  The clients who have advertised on our test phase have had phenomenal results and we are so excited to now offer this to you.

There are several options to advertise on I Love Durban. Your ad has a minimum reach of 40 000 people per post. They include:

– Your specials, sales or promotion items (which is also sent in an emailer to our database)
– Advertising your business
– Advertising your event
– Last Minute Specials  (which is also sent in an emailer to our database)
– Competition to win a prize, which accrues a database
I Love Durban Official Logo
The cost to advertise on I Love Durban ranges from R250 to R3000 per post with a minimum reach of 40 000 people seeing your ad. We also believe in giving back and are offering a special rate to Non Profit Organisations and Charities.
We cannot wait to get started to help your business reach hundreds and thousands of your target market. If you would like more information or a rate card please call us on 0861786777 or email us on

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