South Africa, February 2020 – A brand new on-demand designated driver app, RYDD launched its service in Johannesburg earlier this month. According to Fabrice Ruscoe, the CEO and Co-Founder of RYDD, the app has been designed to provide a responsible, sober driver to chauffeur both its users and their cars home safely, particularly after a big night out. Users can hail a ride via the world-class South African-developed app on their Smartphone.

Though RYDD may appear similar to some of the familiar taxi hailing apps, Ruscoe stresses that it is by no means a taxi service. “The goal of RYDD is revolutionise the way people get home after a night out, by making it convenient and affordable to get a designated driver on demand.”

He adds that since the launch, the service has been met and used with great excitement by many users, with the promise to go national soon. “The app is so easy to use. I love that I don’t have to plan in advance, I know that with RYDD I’ll always get home safely after a few drinks,” said business consultant, Clive Killian.

The App, which is available for download in Google Play as well as App Store, boasts a live tracking feature that allows their users to track their driver in real-time at the touch of a button. Furthermore, unlike many designated driver services in South Africa, RYDD can be used without enrolling to any membership programme.

Interestingly, RYDD is the first South African company to launch a world-class application that allows a person to hail a designated driver. For car owners who may be reluctant to hand over their car keys to strangers, Ruscoe assures that RYDD employs a stringent quality procedure. “We not only hire the best drivers, but we also conduct rigorous training sessions. Criminal background checks, driver license verifications, and driving assessments are also done. We pride ourselves on setting extremely high standards in terms of ethical behaviour and transparency, and this approach is shared by all our drivers,” he explains.

The launch of RYDD is also great news for the local drivers in Johannesburg. Unlike working with some of the popular taxi hailing apps, RYDD drivers don’t need to have an expensive vehicle. Instead, drivers just need a reliable transport to reach the client, and then drive him or her home in their car. This is undoubtedly an excellent part-time or full-time employment opportunity for anyone with a driver license, great work ethic and great attitude.

“The reality is that anyone found guilty of drunk driving in South Africa could face up to 6 years in jail. In the worst case scenario, the ramifications can be even more serious. Life is too important to take such unnecessary risks, and this is exactly where RYDD comes in,” says Ruscoe. “When it’s time to head home, just book your RYDD via the app. A RYDD driver will drive you home in the comfort of your own vehicle while a support vehicle follows and collects our driver once he’s safely dropped you off at your destination.”

Joburgers who download the app before the 31st March 2020, will get the first RYDD for free (up to the value of R200!). To download, go to the Google Play or App Store now!

To find out more about RYDD, please visit

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