A380 Durban – The Big Bird is Back! The British Airways A380 is back in Durban, and you will be able to see to see it hovering in our skies from today!

The A380 aircraft will be conducting its training for pilots and technical staff in Durban from 28th August to 1st September 2014.
While the aircraft is in Durban it will conduct daily tests and training for pilots and technical staff.
This is important for our Airport. With this being the 3rd time that our airport has been chosen it confirms that the capabilities of the infrastructure and airport teams to handle the largest passenger aircraft in the world are being well received.
While there is no certainty that the airline has plans to commence a schedule at KSIA with the A380, this is a good opportunity for all stakeholders to continue working on attracting more airlines to utilise KSIA domestically and internationally.
As the aircraft will be touching down briefly and then taking off again, the public will only be able to see the aircraft in the air. Airport users and staff will be able to view the aircraft from the virtual viewing area in the food court area at the airport.

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