Have you seen the latest billboard in Durban that everyone is talking about?

If you are heading down the M4 Southbound Freeway, keep an eye for the billboard that reads: “Load shedding, Proudly brought to you by the ANC.”

Pic from twitter - @thehuntison3

Pic from twitter – @thehuntison3

We would love to know who the person responsible for this is, but It’s unclear who commissioned the billboard.
The billboard in Durban is similar to the one which was put up by the DA mocking the ANC about e-tolling. That billboard read:  E-Tolls, Proudly brought to you by the ANC.
Many have taken to the social networks to applaud the person behind the campaign, whilst it has also created an uproar amongst supporters of the ANC.
We are not sure whether the Durban load shedding billboard was inspired by the e-tolls one or whether it is simply a case of an upset customer as like in the the recent Cell C banner debacle.
The Cell C banner hit the headlines last month when a banner was put up which read “The most useless service provider in SA – Cell C Sandton City” and named the manager of the store as well as his contact number.
The message on the 20m x 5m banner was vandalised soon after it was put up, and was changed to “The most useful service provider in SA… We love Cell C”.
The billboard had also changed and an additional “as experienced via Cell C Sandton” was added under the comment.
Now the billboard looks a lot less colourful, without the proper network logo, and has changed back to its original complaint to avoid legal problems.
It now reads “Cell C – perceived by the owner of this billboard to be The most useless service provider in SA as experienced via Cell C Sandton City”.
The manager’s name and contact number have been removed. The owner of the banner is businessman George Prokas.
If you have any idea who the person behind this billboard on the M4 is, we would love to hear about it!

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