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A-Z Assessors

A-Z Motor Vehicle Assessors cc was established in June 2000 by the founding managing director Aldo Botha. The company’s vision was to be the premier provider of all class of motor vehicle accident assessment services to the Insurance industry in terms of reliability,quality of report,applied knowledge and expertise. These services are offered for both heavy and light motor vehicles to the whole of the KZN,Gauteng,Mpumalanga and Western Cape regions.

Since our establishment we believe that the company has made a valuable contribution in these areas of expertise and our success and growth bear testimony to this. Other areas of expertise have been developed and we now have the capacity to handle stolen and recovered motor vehicles,motor vehicle surveys,valuations,stolen vehicles,goods in transit and investigation claims.

All our assessors are members of the Institute of Motor Assessors of South Africa and are constantly undergoing in-house and external training courses. A Continued Professional Development Program implemented by the IMA is adhered to,to insure that we keep abreast with modern technology development by the vehicle manufacturer  in today’s modern motor vehicles. With this knowledge our assessors are equipt to maintain the quality of our assessments and service remains at the highest level.

Our Company prides itself on reliability,a wealth of expert knowledge,quality reports and efficient response times.

We strive to conduct all our assessments on the day of appointment and report within two days of our inspection. We use advanced technology,which enables us to provide the client with a fast,efficient and effective service.  The reporting time frame could be affected,and may take longer if the necessary documentation is not available,or if a second inspection is needed. This would only occur if the repairer needs to strip the vehicle in order to finalise costs. Should one of these delays be experienced Insurer’s to be advised in writing within 24 hours.

A-Z Motor Vehicle Assessors cc has current existing Service Level Agreements in place with various Insurer’s,Underwriting Managers and Brokers whose requirements have warranted these and should any other Insurers want to engage into an agreement with the company they are welcome to contact us by simply emailing us or contacting any member of the A-Z team.

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