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Bespoke quality craftmanship for your home

Afrormosia is a company of designers and craftsmen dedicated to the pursuit of creating all things beautiful for its customers’ lifestyle and home. Afrormosia’s product range extends to every part of the home: kitchens, built-in cupboards, vanities, bars, studies and TV units.We work with a variety of timbers and finishes depending on individual requirements. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with bespoke superior quality craftsmanship that will not only enhance our customers’ lifestyle but also add lasting value to their homes.
What’s in a name?

Whilst the company works with a number of different materials, it is named after the hard teak-like wood obtained from tropical African trees of the leguminous genus Pericopsis, known as U African Teak” Afrormosia. Whilst not closely related to genuine teak, Afrormosia wood does have many similar properties: like Teak, it is known for its beautiful coloration, which ranges from golden to darker brown, it has a similar texture and graining and it also has similar working and mechanical properties and it is extremely durable. Afrormosia has long been a favourite in Europe for high-grade commercial and residential construction when quality and a striking appearance have been design objectives and a uniform, rich look is desired.
Personalized planning and preparation

Pursuing each new project with passion and pride, from the first briefing to the final outcome, every project receives the highest level of attention and customer service. The Afrormosia process begins with taking a customer’s brief. We make it our business to listen and understand your individual needs. From there, working with the customer, our experienced design consultants will begin the process of turning your vision into reality. Meticulous attention to detail in the planning process ensures that before production even begins, we are confident that the end result will meet your expectations.

Afrormosia is a company of designers and craftsmen

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