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Amblers Hiking Club

Every person of any age group is welcome to join Amblers Hiking Club on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm as we hike about seven kilometres or the minimum exercise requirement for us humans.
Everyone is also able to partake in our 'away' activities although some fitness may be required.

Amblers enjoy hiking at 52 different venues in and around Durban, most of which are in the Highway area with two hikes at Cato Ridge. We have one winter outing at Umhlanga Rocks, hiking to Umhloti for lunch before hiking or driving the return. We visit Table Mountain KZN outside Pietermaritzburg for a spectacular day outing and interaction with the local community.

Apart from the obvious benefits of exercise we will show you the most beautiful parts of Durban, unknown to most Durbanites. Also at the end of some of the hikes we enjoy tea, scones and chocolate cake while partaking in the art of gentle conversation. Sometimes this may extend to a pub supper, depending on the venue.

We travel further afield for weekend hikes in the midlands at places like White Mountain or Inhlosane staying over at Mount Park guest farm. Highmoor is also visited and hiked extensively although this has become a day trip for us.

Midwinter will see us visit Injasuthi where we celebrate a hot Christmas meal in the icy cold of winter.  Here, much like our visit to Cobham we day hike into the surrounding mountains and each hiker can choose their own degree of challenge or difficulty - depending on their own level fitness or determination.

Occasionally we will visit the top of the Amphitheatre, climbing the chain ladders in order to view the top of Tugela Falls and Mont Aux Sources. Often shrouded in mist we stay over at the nearby resort run by the local community.

In January we go back to that magnificent rustic farmhouse in Cobham and hike close to the high berg.

Is anyone up for going back to Sani Pass?. The hotels in Himeville are interesting and the lunch at the top terrific!

Naturally there are many other destinations and all new suggestions will be given serious consideration simply because the club members are an adventurous bunch of people who thrive on exploration.

On Saturday mornings we offer hiker fitness training at Giba Gorge cycle track. This we can extend to offer elementary mountain training and high altitude mountain training for those people who wish
to climb peaks such as Kilimanjaro and Everest base camp.

If you with to meet a great bunch of people or require any further information contact David Hancocks at the above number.

Every person of any age group is welcome to join Amblers Hiking Club

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