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Anchorlite College
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Anchorlite College

Established in 1973, under the proprietorship of the late Buds Nirhoo, Anchorlite College was the pioneer institution to open its doors to a multicultural society, maintaining discipline at its highest level. Today, a woman that stands proudly at the forefront of a country in transition is Mrs. S.D Sewrajh, who is following in the footsteps of her late father, thereby continuing the Anchorlite legacy. Mrs. Sewrajh ensures that Anchorlite continues to deliver relevant affordable Qualifications that will lead to employment and promotions within the working environment.

Over the years, Anchorlite College has become a household name amongst various communities, as it continues to grow from strength to strength, setting standards, and paving the way for private education. Anchorlite Independent School, in the interim, has undergone several structural changes, creating direction and vision for the forth coming years. We are proud that we have aligned ourselves with the General education and Training (GET) Grades 08 and 09 , Further Education and Training (FET) Grade 11 and 12 School curriculum, and have successfully taken FET learners through the process of activities, continued assessments and final examinations.

Since opening its doors to equal education for all race groups, Anchorlite has earned the respect of the entire population of South Africa, including the South African Government of National Unity when it came into power. This gave rise to an education division for grade 12 and a Further Education and Training division for the National N4, N5 and N6 Diploma courses. The hands-on training approach gives our students the opportunity to work directly in industry, trade and commerce and our variety of courses give students many choices.

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