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Being Human Detox Centre

The DETOX CENTRE was opened in 1998 by Natural Health and Colon Therapist, Ramesh Ramkumar at 3 Herman Road, Westville, Durban in South Africa. In 2013 Due to the steady growth of Being Human and seeing the need to improve facilities to better suit clients needs Ramesh Ramkumar took on the mammoth task of buying an old building in the heat of Westville. We then set to gutting the entire building including the roof and rebuilding it into something truly Beautiful. We have since reopened our doors at the new home of Being Human – 4 Ellis road, Westville. Since then we have welcomed many clients who have undergone the Seven day fasting and detox retreats, we are happy to report that when they leave us they have a new-found lease on life. Many have been through the most incredible transformational processes to realise the divinity of Being fully Human.

The basic Principles that the Centre was founded on, to nurture, nourish, care and comfort each and every individual who passes through its doors has not changed. The personal attention and the ever present human touch of honesty, integrity, dedication and commitment to serve those who bring their pain and suffering to us have been the key factors in their healing process.

Ramesh Ramkumar has since written the best-selling book ‘Being Human – Unearthing wisdom to live disease, misery and medicine free’ which has received incredible reviews and is instrumental in changing lives around the country. Organised by readers and clients of the Being Human Detox Centre, Ramesh Ramkumar is regularly on tour presenting seminars and workshops. Should you be interested, you may request or organise one in your area.

The Detox Centre is very much a family enterprise, managed with an emphasis on personal care by Cheryl, Ramesh Ramkumar’s daughter.

The Detox Centre is very much a family enterprise

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