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Checotah Spur

Experience real value for money when you bring your loved ones down to the Checotah Spur family restaurant in Shallcross. We love to bring people together to share their taste for life while they order from our diverse menu of quality dishes – specially prepared with only the finest and freshest ingredients.

The secret to our wide popularity is in the distinct dishes and flavors that we consistently produce. Our menu is loaded with exciting meals like mouth-watering racks of ribs, juicy burgers and scrumptious steaks that guarantee to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds.

At Checotah Spur, we also try our best to keep the mood lively and our visitors entertained. We enjoy providing, a vibrant atmosphere and, if you’re lucky enough to be here at the right time or if it’s your birthday, you’ll even experience a great sing-along routine with our waitrons.

We also never like to see any customer dissatisfied, which is why Checotah Spur family restaurant in Shallcross includes the following amenities:

·         Facilities for disabled patrons

·         Halaal-certified outlet

·         Smokers’ section

We also offer wireless access to all our fans, allowing them to catch up on their favorite videos or connect with friends on social media sites while waiting for their delicious meals. For kids, we have our fan-favorite Play Canyon where they can truly immerse themselves in physical, creative and mentally stimulating activities.

So bring your whole family down to the Checotah Spur family restaurant where you can discover for yourself why we are the best steak, burger, and ribs restaurant for so many residents in Shallcross.

Experience real value for money when you bring your loved ones down to Checotah Spur

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