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City Life

Welcome to City Life, you are now officially part of an urban regeneration precinct, as we transform Durban’s landscape.

Here we are dedicated to providing affordable living with no compromise to services or quality. We are also committed to environmental protection, job creation and urban upliftment of our city.

The City Life model is focused on the principals of customer respect, best practice and high value offerings, changing the residential experience of Durban.

Rental offerings vary from entry-level studio units to large apartments with ocean views. What remains constant is a customer orientated environment, created with value-add facilities, dedicated management and on-site staff, to cater to tenant needs.

Durban Locations

All sites are selected for proximity to work opportunities, shopping, medical needs and transport routes. Choose your location to best suit your needs. updates you on building locations and availability.

Facilities & Services

Free WiFi and internet connectivity is guaranteed throughout our buildings. We also strive to provide a full TV experience as part of your package at City Life. Also included in the rentals at City Life are cleaning, refuse removal, 24 hour security and postal services. Many of our buildings include secure parking, laundry services, gym, children’s crèche and additional services for your benefit.

Safety and Security

At City Life, safety is a top priority and 24 hour guards, along with biometric access control is key to this success.

City Life also recognises the need to maintain buildings in which your rights to peace, quiet and a drug free environment is essential to you and your children’s well-being. You are assured of our ongoing commitment to this, which has helped set City Life apart.

Environment and Urban Living

Rooftop  If you have moved into a City Life building, congratulations….you are officially part of one of the country’s “green star buildings” where energy efficiencies are created through; solar power, heat pump systems, water treatment, sensor lighting and other innovations.

Environmental respect now translates to a greener tomorrow….

Welcome to City Life, you are now officially part of an urban regeneration precinct, as we transform Durban’s landscape

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