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Cobra Watertech

Cobra is a much-loved South African brand, having been a part of South Africans' lives for more than 60 years.

The company made a name for itself as the market leader in plumbing fittings but, with an ever-increasing focus on cutting-edge design, flawless functionality and high impact
aesthetics, its service offering has naturally evolved to become more lifestyle oriented. Just as the bathrooms and kitchens of the past consistently featured Cobra products, so
the future forward living spaces of tomorrow will too.
This, combined with Cobra's unwavering commitment to produce the best quality products that adhere to the highest independent standards, ensures that our products boast stateof-
the-art global appeal.

The relaunch of the new corporate identity is the first step towards reaffirming what Cobra stands for and where it is going to. The fresh new look, underscored by the values of
excellence, credibility, initiative and responsibility are values each and every Cobra employee has embraced.

Cobra is also maximising its wealth of industry knowledge and experience in order to remain a highly competitive player in the local and international industrial design arena.
This is critical, since Cobra views design as an art form and its products aren't merely manufactured, but rather carefully crafted.

It is this craftsmanship, dedication to quality and strong design focus that has cemented Cobra's position as both an industry and brand leader.

Cobra Watertech is a world leader in water control technology, research and development. With its unwavering commitment to quality and constant focus on global trends, Cobra has long had a reputation for bringing to market the most cutting-edge products based on the most forwardthinking

Established in 1951, Cobra first opened its doors as the Cobra factory in Krugersdorp manufacturing taps and plumbing fittings for the local market. The company was founded on the
premise that business success would only follow the production and supply of consistently superior products and so the first cornerstone of its success Cobra's uncompromising
commitment to quality was laid.

In 1966, Cobra amalgamated with Sanbra and Peglers South Africa, creating what was then South Africa's largest plumbing fittings manufacturer. Almost 20 years later Cobra Watertech was born when Cobra Brassware merged with Castle Brassworks. In 2004 the company was sold to theDawnGroup and is currently part of Dawn's portfolio of brands.
The original factory in Krugersdorp still serves as the primary production facility, supported by the Cobra Springs factory. Together these plants employ more than 800 staff sourced from local

From humble beginnings, Cobra now produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of plumbing and sanitaryware fittings in the world. Cobra products are consistently specified for
local; residential and commercial projects, while its world-class credentials are evidenced through high-profile projects in more than 36 countries around the world.

Cobra is more than just a plumbing, brassware manufacturer; it is a South African icon. Cobra has been an intrinsic part of the very fabric and design of South African buildings, from family homes to corporate spaces. The Cobra brand has evolved over time and today it is not only a stalwart in the industry but the leading South African lifestyle brand in its field

The company made a name for itself as the market leader in plumbing fittings but, with an ever-increasing focus on cutting-edge design, flawless functionality and high impact aesthetics

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