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Coricraft Springfield

About Coricraft

For more than 20 years, Coricraft has been the easy choice for exceptional value on top-quality furniture. From just one store in Cape Town, we have grown to a chain of 40 stores in South Africa and Botswana.

We have factories in Cape Town and Johannesburg, where we manufacture all our couches ourselves. Beyond this large manufacturing presence lies a sophisticated retail infrastructure, with Coricraft stores across all South Africa’s major towns and cities. For customers, this means there is always a Coricraft nearby.
Value for you

Because we manufacture all our own couches, we can bring them to market at immensely affordable prices. We now produce more than 300 fully upholstered couches a day in both fabric and 100% genuine leather. We offer four distinct ranges in a combination of two-, three- and four-division couches and corner units, along with a variety of ottomans. The production process is perfectly streamlined, from the tannery to the building of frames and upholstering.

In addition, we source a wide range of wooden furniture and accessories from all over the world. Our range includes dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, plasma units, side tables, servers, cabinets and barstools.

Coricraft has seen exceptional growth over the past few years, thanks to an extensive revamp of all our stores. Stores now offer an immersive retail experience where finding just the right piece of furniture is easy. Our fabric and leather bars give customers a hands-on way to make the right choice, while, in our Coricraft Sleep Studios, customers can try out our top-quality mattresses, choose a ready-made wooden headboard or decide on the right fabric for an upholstered headboard, plus browse our selection of bed bases, bedside pedestals and accessories.
Want it Now? Easy.

We are particularly proud of our new Coricraft Now range. We know that people don’t enjoy waiting for their furniture, so we have developed a range of couches that are instantly available. These couches, in a variety of styles and fabrics, are always available for instant collection from any Coricraft store.

We have also introduced a Best Value range. Their prices might look like Sale prices, but rest assured: these are their every-day great prices. You won’t find better value than Best Value.

Buying furniture can be a complicated experience. That is why Coricraft is committed to making furniture shopping easier. Through offering our customers what they want, when they want it, at the very best prices possible, we make choosing and saving easy. Because ultimately that’s what we are all about – bringing South Africa style, quality and value through a shopping experience that’s pleasant and easy.

For more than 20 years, Coricraft has been the easy choice for exceptional value on top-quality furnitur