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Dine4Six at 9th Avenue Bistro
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Dine4Six at 9th Avenue Bistro

Dine4Six is a brand new social dining platform in South Africa.

Designed with the travelling foodie in mind, Dine4Six allows users to book a seat at the most exclusive tables at some of South Africa's best restaurants for one of a kind dinners with fellow food enthusiasts.

Our first Durban event is taking place this weekend so whether you're a local looking to expand your social network, or you're travelling to Durban and wanting to experience the best food the city has to offer Dine4Six is for you.

Download our app today and book a seat at an intimate table at Durban's renowned 9th Avenue Bistro.

Ticket price includes a 5-course menu with wine tasting and service gratuity included.

Visit for more details or contact

Dine4Six support at

Enjoy an exclusive new social dining experience. Now in Durban

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