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Dr Lynne Campbell-Gillies

I have counselled for several organizations including the Depression and Anxiety Support Group, Headway (for brain injured individuals), and the Martindale Counselling Centre in Johannesburg building up a wealth of experience in many areas of human problems including trauma counselling, bereavement, marriage guidance, career guidance, sexual identity problems, dealing with traumatic brain injured individuals and their families, HIV-AIDS counselling, living with cancer, and many more.

My doctorate, D. Litt et Phil (Psychology), was obtained from the University of Johannesburg. My thesis was entitled: The Effect of Guided Imagery and Relaxation on Patients Receiving treatment for Non-metastatic Cancer. This study enabled me to work with many inspiring individuals using a very effective tool, namely, ‘guided imagery’ to help people manage the side-effects of their cancer treatment.

Over the last ten years I have been in private practice in my hometown, Kloof, KZN where my focus and strong interest has been helping adult individuals and couples who are struggling to deal with difficulties in their relationships, juggling the daily stressors of life whether this is through unfortunate life events (death, trauma, illness) or simply stressful lifestyles; as well as helping individuals who simply wish to live their best lives and invest time and energy in achieving certain life goals.

I believe very much in the power of the human spirit! Despite the curved balls that are thrown to us we are immensely creative and resilient. With the right skills, we can approach life more calmly and proactively.

We owe it to ourselves and those around us to live life to the full and experience abundance and joy. Unfortunately, ‘life happens’ and apart from external and seemingly arbitrary events setting us back, we may also sabotage ourselves with limiting beliefs. Becoming aware of negative thinking patterns and developing adaptive and life-affirming attitudes empowers us to live our best lives.

I offer my clients a containing, compassionate yet motivational environment to resolve their difficulties and move forward with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

I have counselled for several organizations

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