Dropkick Murphy’s Claim

Take an early morning walk down a cobbled street. See a friend and kiss-kiss on each cheek.

Stop off for an espresso and a catch-up; speak loudly with sweeping hand gestures. Hop onto a Vespa and feel the breeze in your hair. Wander through the piazza to buy ingredients for supper later and argue with the grocer for a better price. Leave laughing, with too many pomodori; bump into last week’s romance and share a glass of vino (cin cin!) and a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara in the name of love: ‘Amore, mio!” Leave to watch the football with friends, chanting ‘Forza Azzurri!’ then head home to cook ravioli from scratch for dinner. The famiglia arrives and you let them know to “Fare a casa!” (“Make yourself at home!”) before engaging in passionate debate. Wind down with a final espresso and evening ‘gelato in piazza’ (ice cream in the square).

Stop off for an espresso and a catch-up

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