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Eastern Massage Studio

We are well established with many years of experience. Our therapists are caring and efficient. Feel your stress and tension disappear, pamper and spoil yourself. Relax your muscles and relieve your sinuses, feel totally and completely invigorated...

Our Services

45 Full Body: Indulge your body in a revitalizing massage from toes to head and feel a great difference in shanty.

Indian Head: Remove all the effects of stress and tension targeting all your sore points ( 1hr )

Facial Message: Take years off your appearance by relaxing your facial muscles and reserving your sinuses leaving you totally invigorated ( 1hr )

Back Massage: Includes the Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Hawa massages giving you the relief your back needs. (1/2 hr-45mins)

Arms, Foot and Leg: Working on your pressure points and muscles to alleviate pains in your painful limbs.

Stomach: Helps to alleviate the discomfort of flatulence, plus period pains and discomfort in women ( 30 mins )

¼ Back neck & Shoulders, & Chest: Relieve the stress in those areas to give your body much needed relief.

We are well established with many years of experience.

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