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entryRush Jump City Challenge powered by Peri
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entryRush Jump City Challenge powered by Peri

WHAT IS THE JUMP CITY URBAN CHALLENGE? The Jump City Challenge is South Africa's inner city obstacle race, which takes you on an adrenaline pumping obstacle packed course through the inner city and other iconic landmarks in the area. We don't just run you to or around them, we take you through, over and inside actual buildings, museums, office parks, stadiums and just about anything we can think of. For participants this is a speed tour offering you a glimpse of your city made even more exciting by the unique way in which we take you through the route, it is a rare opportunity to actually get to know your city and your heritage, before returning later in the day or on another date to see the hidden gems at a slower pace than the race. Each event features no less than 22 built obstacles designed for all levels of athletes, this excludes the urban landscape which we make full use of in this event. How hard is it? Well, we don't set out to hurt you, but as with anything in life it is relevant to the effort you put in.   THE RUN ROUTE This race is set over 8km distance (maybe a tad bit more, ok a little bit more), please note this may vary by 10% due to variations in measurement techniques and the complexity of the route. For years we have tried and tested technology to get an accurate measurement of the route, unfortunately given the areas out of reach of satellite and the elevation within buildings no pedometer or satellite has been up to the task and unfortunately none of the team was willing to run with a length of rope to test.   WHAT FEATURES ON THE RUN ROUTE? The run route is brain child of 6 years of continual experimentation and pushing the limits of our great city. Athletes taking part in 2017 will enjoy the following as part of the route:- - Point development area - uShaka Marine World - Sea World Aquarium - Wet and Wild - Train Gym - Vetches Beach - Moyo Peer - More to be announced in the lead up to the race...   LIMITED ENTRIES We do our absolute best to avoid annoying bottle necks; in the interest of this this category of the race is limited to 800 athletes and 200 additional for the corporate challenge category. Get your entry now:

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