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Fikile Construction
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Fikile Construction

Fikile Construction is one of the largest black-owned, managed and controlled construction companies in the country. Throughout its years of pursuing excellence, the company has successfully earned recognition as a significant player in the South African building and construction industry landscape.

Fikile plays a pivotal role in the provision of social and commercial infrastructure through its unique management capabilities, and is a contributing partner in South Africa’s transforming economy.

When Fikile’s founder and Executive Chairman Mandla Ndlovu passed away in 2007, the company reigns were handed to his daughter Hlami Ndlovu who found securing suitable managerial staff in the skills-strapped construction industry to be highly challenging.

To meet the challenge and to show its commitment to the industry, Fikile took a bold step and invited four former directors from one of South Africa‘s leading multi-disciplined construction companies to join their young chairperson. Jacques De Waal (MD) and Craig Sparks (FD) had all worked at a JSE-listed construction company where they took the building division from R360m to R1,2bn per annum in just four years. At Fikile they formed a new yet experienced management team.

A further development took the form of Gary Coetzee and Kaffie van Graan, who joined the Fikile management team. With these additions, Fikile’s capacity immediately increased and the boost was clearly visible in the company’s operations from November 2011. This additional expanse has now also allowed Fikile Construction to acquire CIDB 9GB status. Today’s economic trends have forced many companies to downsize or re-organise their assets in order to meet their bottom line goals, and deliver in a way that meets client’s expectations.

At Fikile, we believe that consultants and professional teams are also clients. We therefore strive to provide flexible, end-to-end solutions that will assist our customers in meeting their objectives by giving the best possible service, at a competitive pricing structure with the highest level of quality.

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