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Fusion Fit

Fusion Fit is a Health and Lifestyle gym. It’s all about creating a balance and providing you with the knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fusion Fit is a Private, Personal and Professional training facility. Situated in the La Lucia area.

Fusion Fit does not charge a joining fee or membership fees.

There are no queues for training equipment.

The gym has state of the art equipment to suit every possible training need. Also on offer is a clean, modern changing facility.

The gym has safe parking and is wheelchair friendly.

Fusion Fit offers many different training regimes and fitness programs which are appropriate and designed for each individual need.

Here are a few:

- Weight Loss / Weight Gain

- Strength training

- Firming and toning

- Specialized pregnancy training (Pre and Post)

- Training associated with M.E (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

- Clients with Diabetes

- Hypertensive training

- Rehabilitation training (Sports injuries, operations, accidents…)

Fusion Fit is a Health and Lifestyle gym. I

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