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Gateway Health

Gateway Health was started in 2005 by Jay Nicolau out of a passion for everything Health. We now have 3 stores and we hope to continue to grow every year. Our success has always been rooted in our passion, be it bodybuilding, cycling, surfing, swimming or just being healthy. We try to transfer this passion to our customers so that it can grow into a lifestyle choice. After all, we take nothing to our graves and all we have is our health. Speak to someone who has been robbed of this privilege and they will assure you that these are words of wisdom. Cherish the gift of life and health. It is something that needs to be nurtured and respected.

With this having been said our core values in business are:

To sell at the best possible price

To only sell quality products

To be honest about the stock and tell customers when we had things in stock, and more importantly when we didn’t

To always be there when our customers need us

To endeavor to always dispatch goods the same day they were ordered

All of us at Gateway Health hope that the years to come will be as adrenaline-fueled as the journey thus far. We’d like to thank each one of you for being a part of it!

Our success has always been rooted in our passion

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