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Gateway Private Hospital
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Gateway Private Hospital


All things are created twice: first, a mental creation; second, a physical creation. The first creation, vision, is the beginning of the process of reinventing oneself or of an organisation reinventing itself. It represents desire, dreams, hopes, goals and plans, but these dreams or visions are not just fantasies – they are reality not yet brought into the physical sphere, like the blueprint of a house before it’s built or musical notes in a score just waiting to be played (Travis 2014: Kindle Locations 638-642).

Gateway Private Hospital’s DNA is who we are, what we do and how we are achieving our strategic objectives, it is how we leave a legacy in support of the patient, their family and our broader community. In every single Gatewayer and our staff lives the DNA in everything they do. It is in our nature and we cannot help, but simply live according to our DNA. The DNA is reflected in our vision, mission, values and strategic objectives.

Gateway Private Hospital aims to be the hospital of choice for specialists, patients and staff by providing a modern, serene environment, which embraces the latest medical technology and equipment. In short, Gateway Private Hospital is the future of patient and family centred care in KZN.

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