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Our vision is to offer a sound healthcare solution for existing and potential members based on the following underlying principles:
1.    Value for money benefits and contributions that represent meaningful healthcare
2.    A wide range of benefit and contribution options in order to cater for different medical needs and affordability levels
3.    Provide sustained excellent and personalized service on a national basis to members and other stakeholders.
4.    Have adequate investment income in order to shield the scheme against fluctuations in cost structures which could result in contribution spikes for members.
5.    Benefit and contribution structures that are market related and competitive.
6.    Have an administration platform that is flexible, stable and robust with the capacity to absorb a large number of additional members.
7.    A scheme that is accepted by all service providers on a national basis
8.    Have a well balanced and robust management approach that will ensure stability as far as all aspects of scheme governance are concerned; and at all times act in the interest of members

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