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Jack’s Tyres

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet global standards of delivering a superior customer experience in the industry while simultaneously being the market leader in the sale of a wide variety of high quality tyres, mag rims and other vehicle accessories/components.

We have become fore-runners in the field by forging lifelong relationships with customers, providing unrivalled customer service, providing customers with maximum value for money and high quality products and constantly adopting the industry’s best practises in terms of technology, policies and procedures.

Our colossal success has also stemmed from an empowering environment for our employees, thereby creating highly proficient and motivated staff. We have also conjured equitable mutually beneficial relationships with reputable suppliers and constantly monitored industry developments.

Our Values

Customer focus: serving the customer is the reason for our existence and we consistently deliver as much benefit as possible in order to create lifelong relationships with our customers.

Honesty: all of our practises and procedures are aligned with the best practices in the industry.

Integrity: we constantly strive to provide our customers with maximum value for money.

Technological awareness: we constantly stay abreast of all technological developments and general trends in the industry, in order to improve our service delivery

Who We Are

Jack’s Tyres is currently celebrating 25 years of success. This family owned business was started by Jugthaw Rajkissor in 1986 in the Jacobs area in Durban. Today Jack’s Tyres is not just a business ,it has become an institution and grown into a preferred supplier of all brands of passenger, SUV, Truck and Earthmover tyres; Mag rims, Shocks, Exhausts, Tow bars and Batteries. In addition the company also performs car and truck Puncture repairs, car and truck Wheel alignment, Mag wheel repairs and Free suspension and brake checks as well as general vehicle repairs and services.

Jack’s Tyres provides unrivalled customer service and high quality products at affordable prices. All products are sourced from reputable suppliers in order to guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

The company prides itself on being staffed by highly knowledgeable and friendly employees who are dedicated to helping customers. This has led to the company enjoying a consistent positive growth rate.

Jack’s Tyre’s has 40 Tyre fitment ramps, 8 Wheel alignment bays, a fully equipped workshop with state of the art precision machinery, a large customer base and widespread recognition for its constant efforts to deliver superior customer service and value.

The majority of our customers have long standing relationships with us which span many years. Proof that we are committed to looking after our most important asset: our customer.

Go with Jack’s Tyres-excellence comes standard

Our vision is to meet global standards of delivering a superior customer experience in the industry

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