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Just Letting

Just Property is a dynamic company born from the motivation to create an industry leader that offers clients a holistic property solution. We are taking the Southern African property industry in a new direction by using state‐of‐the art technology while maintaining a strong interpersonal element. Clients can select an array of services ‐ from rental management to property evaluations, as well as sales and finance.

Operating with strategic partnerships from over 100 franchises across South Africa and Namibia, Just Property have access to world class systems and unparalleled online information. Over the last five years, our company has grown from a specialist letting agency into a diversified business. We now offer a complete property solution that includes residential, commercial and industrial property for rentals, sales and/or investment.

With our head office in Port Elizabeth, we are a proudly South African company. In recent years we have grown exponentially and we are well prepared to take our company further. Going forward, we will be streamlining our processes companywide and analysing current practices with a view to improve efficiency.

Furthermore, Just Property is considering expanding beyond African borders by using our successful business model to make the most of a myriad of opportunities abroad.

Our Vision
Our vision is to use our experience coupled with creative and innovative solutions, to become the largest integrated Property Service Company in Southern Africa.

Our Mission
Our mission is to excel in our core business and exceed our customers’ expectations by committing to shared corporate values and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction with a strong emphasis on the creation of value. In this way we will ensure that our profit, quality and growth goals are met.

Our Values
As an organisation, we take great pride in our contribution to the prosperity of our beautiful country ‐ South Africa. We believe in free enterprise and regard profit as a measure of long‐ term success.
We insist on the highest ethical standards and conduct our business with due regard to the communities and environment in which we operate.
We regard our values of trust, integrity, growth, professionalism and outstanding service as the foundation of all our relationships, which in turn characterises us as superior performers in the property industry.

Our Approach
It's all about property, just property, your property.
Whether you are buying, selling or renting; residential or commercial ‐ that's what we're about.
We understand that property is a big deal to you, and that all you really want from us is the best deal ‐ nothing more, nothing less.
We're about providing you with the best property solution for your needs, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is simply and primarily and most importantly about you and your property.

We want to do it better, simpler, and faster than anyone else.

We are taking the Southern African property industry in a new direction

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