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Kaya Beach

Kaya Beach is a beach-themed restaurant suitable for the entire family.

Kaya Beach offers quite a unique concept, unlike any other restaurant you’ve come across. We supply the food and you supply your drinks. Pack a cooler box and head to the beach; Kaya Beach!

We are not like other typical restaurants. We have specific sailing sessions and we follow an island program where we bring out the meals in intervals so not like an ordinary buffet set up. We also host a fun raffle to keep our sailors entertained. Our music is a bit louder than normal restaurants, creating an awesome vibe without being too overpowering. This, together with the fire baskets situated all around the island, creates the perfect environment for relaxation.

What makes us an economically friendly choice is that all our sailors (that is, restaurant patrons) are required to bring along their cooler boxes filled with whatever it is that they are drinking. Yes, that’s right! You and your crew are allowed to bring in all your drinks without having to pay corkage. Relax with a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand.

Our menu consists of a delicious, hearty, 5-course meal. The meals are brought out in 30 – 40-minute intervals and sailors are required to dish up for themselves. If you go home hungry, you only have yourself to blame.

Before I continue, it is important to warn you about the following:


Please do not visit Kaya Beach if you or your crewmates are on a diet. The Kaya Crew will not be held liable for any additional {but oh, so worthwhile} kg’s incurred.

To start off with, we serve a divine, creamy mussel soup accompanied by the freshest homemade bread. We allow about 30 minutes to pass before we introduce the next 2 meals; our famous chicken potjie and vegetable pot. After a further 30 – 40 minutes, we bring out our signature beef potjie (our Captains favorite) and individual portions of snoek served with a lemon butter sauce. Once that has settled and the feeding frenzy starts winding down, sailors help themselves to tea, coffee, and dessert.

There are no minimum numbers required to make a booking. Anything from the romantic couples’ dinner to the over the top birthday party of 100 sailors plus. We encourage them all!

Our island makes the perfect function venue whether it is for a birthday party, engagement celebration, year-end bash or a wedding.

Kaya Beach is a beach-themed restaurant suitable for the entire family.

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