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KPMG has been operating in South Africa since 1895.  Through organic growth and strategic mergers, the firm has grown into one of the largest professional services firms in the country. KPMG has 12 offices throughout South Africa and is represented in KwaZulu-Natal in Durban and Pietermaritzburg.

Our Clients

We at KPMG are proud of our prestigious client base of over 100 listed companies, which includes a cross-section of the country's top-performing companies, as rated by the Financial Mail's annual Top Companies survey. These include six of South Africa's top 10 asset leaders and 14 of the country's top 50 industrial giants.

KPMG's clients also include many Local, Provincial and National Government Departments, as well as businesses in the small to medium sector.


KPMG's commitment to transformation is nurtured by our following the DTI's decision to amend the Codes of Good Practice, KPMG is rated as a Level 4 B-BBEE Contributor. This rating comes as a direct result of increased targets and new identification of priority elements, among other things.

With the firm scoring maximum points for our 60 percent Black representation at Board level, KPMG affirms to its people, clients and other vested stakeholders a continued commitment to transformation with plans already afoot to increase the firm's rating.

Corporate Citizenship

Corporate citizenship is embedded in the KPMG values and we recognise that our firm has the scale, influence and business knowledge to make a significant and positive contribution to the issues that affect our communities and environments.

By giving back to the communities in which we serve, through funds, time and our skills, KPMG aims to make a real and sustainable difference with substantial positive impact.

Our Values are all about how we do what we do and what we believe in:

We lead by example
We respect the individual
We work together
We are open and honest in our communication
We seek the facts and provide insight
We are committed to our communities


We always act with a clear purpose, making a real difference now while keeping future generations in mind. Everything we do, together or as individuals, is about inspiring confidence and empowering change, leaving KPMG and the world a better place.

KPMG has been operating in South Africa since 1895.

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