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Lucky Bean

Lucky Bean has a 260 m2 covered, rainproof, all weather playshed.

The 260 m2 playshed houses awesome indoor swings, amazing specially designed gross motor skill equipment, including a large ball pool.

The playshed is covered with Astroturf and also has a very cool small babies (under 18 months old) area where moms can relax on the couches and let their babies play with the age appropriate toys and equipment.

Lucky Bean is a no smoking and zero alcohol venue.

Lucky Bean is wheelchair friendly.

Lucky Bean offers a wide range of activities for children to enjoy, including a 60m bike track in the play garden!

The children love our jungle gyms which is supplied by KidZplay on their fantastic rental option, allowing us to change with the season to keep the venue "fresh" for the children.

We have different fantasy playhouses including a kitchen, school, office, workshop and many more. Children can play and run around in a safe environment and have lots of fun and make new friends.

Coffee shop

We provide a delicious selection of cakes and tarts, awesome coffee and teas, milkshakes, a large variety of soft drinks, and in case that is not enough we have a yummy light meals / lunch and breakfast menu for parents and children.

There is undercover and garden seating for the hungry and thirsty parents and kids.

The whole idea behind Lucky Bean is to provide a place where kids are free to play and parents can relax, read or just catch up with friends and family. Our unique gated playground has an electric gate that is manned by our staff to ensure that the children cannot leave the playground without their guardians. This means complete peace of mind for the parents, teachers, friends and family. And the cherry on the top ... is that we have a private party venue for hire...... woooohoooo.....

The MOST AMAZING PLACE to take your kids...

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