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Make-Up MOB

By bringing the fascinating and mysterious world of modelling and professional make-up to readily accessible locations throughout the country, #MUMOB hopes to give South Africa’s woman the skills and tools they need to feel confident with themselves without needing to pay for expensive professional make-up services. From the adaptable daily styles women need in their often chaotic schedules to the unique needs of weddings, photo-shoots, beauty events, TV productions and fashion shows, the #MUMOB’s resident artists are trained and experienced to provide for all of Durban’s diverse needs.

With a simple philosophy that “Professional make-up shouldn’t only be for the select few and special occasions”, the Make-up Makeover Boutique is a game-changing, sophisticated and convenient make-up service available to all at affordable prices.

Offering services to individual and groups of women older than 18, from all sectors of Durban’s diverse racial and cultural community, #MUMOB offers a comfortable learning environment for make-up virgins, those getting ready for the working world, and those just looking to refresh and contemporise their own style. With easy access and convenient retails hours, specialists and experienced make-up artists will offer services usually only provided through expensive, difficult to book, make up specialists or through fragmented specialist stores.
“For the first time, women of all races in Durban will be able to find holistic advice on make-up, dermatological and skin care, hair and nails treatments and beauty styles to meet each person’s individual needs” said Ms Nokuthula Luthuli (MD of Bloom Marketing) who is one of the brains behind this brilliant concept.

“With a firm belief that beauty, however we see it, should be inspiring and motivate youth, #MUMOB has partnered with 40forty40 to contribute towards leadership development for youth so that they will not limit their dreams or handicap their own potential.” She continued.

Professional make-up shouldn’t only be for the select few and special occasions.

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