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Mangwanani African Spa
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Mangwanani African Spa

Founded in 2002 by Erin Limbert (CEO), Mangwanani was borne out of personal preference to establish a retreat where one could be pampered from head to toe and indulge in sheer decadence. The greatest challenge was to market the totally unique concept of an African spa coupled with decadent revitalization, which has become Mangwanani’s trademark today. Mangwanani’s main goal is to uplift rural woman and not necessarily employ and use qualified therapists, therefore allowing previously disadvantaged woman from local communities, to be empowered by their natural and inherent abilities.
With a great deal of support from her family, together with a tremendous amount of determination and passion, Mangwanani the Original African Spa was born in 2002
Mangwanani African Spa has developed its own signature range of products, which are uniquely South African catering for Relaxation and Spa Therapies. All products are made with natural and naturally derived ingredients and fragranced with essential oil inline with our awareness of our carbon footprint.
Mangwanani African Spa has an average of 120 000 visitors enjoying its facilities in 2013 currently employs 1000 staff, of which 95% are previously disadvantaged individuals.

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