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Martin Pearman Hair Creative

In life there is one thing of which we can be absolutely certain. And that’s change. Things do not stay the same and embracing this forward movement is essential in our industry or else we’d still be celebrating the spiral perm (small mercies). At Hair Evolution, our name could not be greater testament to this. We believe in progressive hair design and care solutions. We ensure we are on the cutting edge of the latest trends and product technologies. Yes, pun intended. That said, we are not dictated to by fashion, preferring to use all this knowledge to create the unique style that is right for the unique individual you are.

The solutions we offer are discussed and enjoyed in a non-pretentious, fun and personalised environment. Creativity, imagination and new ideas flow freely, but at the end of the day honesty prevails. If a style or colour is not for you – we will tell you so. Our clients are our advertisement to the world and we want you to leave us looking and feeling your very best.

Hair Evolution is owner run. This means a vested interest in ensuring client delight, which starts from the get-go. Don’t expect the usual hair wash basin experience that ends not just with clean hair, but a sore neck too. No. The Hair Evolution basin experience comes standard with reclining chairs and a head massage that will see you drawing parallels with a day at the Spa.

Expect a buzz. Expect good music. Expect to laugh. Expect beautiful hair.

Hair Evolution

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