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Max’s Lifestyle

Max’s Lifestyle is one of the best restaurants in Umlazi, Durban (KwaZulu Natal) with traditional “Kasie” (Ethnic Township Location) culture. We are the only venue that Tourists and Locals alike can enjoy, feel, and experience unique township culture in upmarket trendy and safe surroundings. People from all walks of life, cultures, and races, young and old come to enjoy our best service when they want something to eat or drink and maybe just to wind them down for the day.

We have top security who ensure nothing illegal is brought into our safe environment.

We welcome all our customers with warm hospitality. We are known for our Sunday Sessions where Top DJs entertain for those who enjoy good music and dancing and our VIP Lounge is available for those who prefer a relaxed less noisy environment.

So whether you are local or on holiday please come and enjoy our hospitality combined with the amazing experience and ambiance of being at a traditional establishment where you can dine on traditional meals featuring meat cooked on a “Braai” (Barbeque) with traditional side dishes as well as a custom Restaurant.
Our History

From humble roots, Max’s Lifestyle started out as just a butchery and “Shisa nyama” (South African townships to describe an informal barbecue or braai where friends come together near a butchery) in a one-room shack near a stream and built-in front of the former taxi rank in 2002.

Initially, patrons came to enjoy an early breakfast on Sundays after partying all night in clubs and pubs around the Durban area. Braai meat and hot chili source is traditionally a good remedy for babalas (South African word for a hangover/ headache after heavy drinking). The patrons enjoyed the experience so much that they then encouraged us to also sell liquor since they wanted something to drink after enjoying a meal. The local municipality decided to move the location of the rank and it was a major opportunity for us because it left us with a big parking space for patrons and the idea to expand. Due to customer demand, we built another small room as a liquor store/ Take away. As the numbers grew and the establishment started to become more popular we decided to build a deck over a stream to accommodate the huge demand of customers. The sound system was then introduced and the Sunday Session started from there.

Today Max’s is a hugely popular venue frequented by all cultures and races from all over the world. We strive to keep up our good reputation and keep improving to enhance the excellent ambiance and customer service.
Max's Vision

Mr. Max Mqadi had a vision of turning Max’s Lifestyle into one top venue in the country. In April 2009 the construction of the new building started. The first phase has been completed and has got a VIP Lounge, Bar, Butchery and Restaurant. The deck has also been renewed.

The second phase comprises of a salon, Conference Room and two offices. We now cater for all functions big or small including weddings, Birthdays, Stag and baby showers and business meetings where we will custom tailor your experience.

The new building has turned out more exciting than we initially expected and now we even hosting functions for private companies and we see more tourists visiting us. There is still a lot of work to be done and on our plans. This is just a beginning. We will continue to strive to be the best!

Max’s Lifestyle is one of the best restaurants in Umlazi

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