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Mega Star

CD / DVD Printing, duplicating and replicating in Durban is done at Mega Star. We are committed to providing the best quality CD Duplication services, at the very lowest price in the Durban. Mega Star CD and DVD Printing provide a wide range of options for packaging so you will be sure to find the perfect solution for your CDs.

At Mega Star we offer an extensive range of print and packaging to go with the CDs and have a short run Digital Print facility to complement our short run CD duplication service. These are ideal for record labels, corporates or individuals who have a low volume of CDs to be produced. These can be packed in all of the common formats such as: Jewel Cases, Maxi-Single cases, Slimline CD cases, DVD cases, slim DVD cases, C-Shells, Plastic Wallets, Card wallets and many other options. Where applicable these are also available with multi-page, full color booklets and inlays.

We have done work for Gallo, EMI, SONY, Universal Music, Afrotainment and many other local and international companies (see profile). We give our clients professional and QUICK service. Apart from being the best Cd printing company in Durban, we also do online distribution, marketing, publishing, artists bookings, recording studio, mastering, printing of inlays, posters, radio sampling, events wristbands, T-Shirts printing, banners, also consult for major record labels who are looking to sign new artists.

Conference CDs and DVDs

Conference organizers are consistently moving to alternative mediums for providing delegate information. Information on Duplicated CDs or DVDs allow companies to pass on the data for distribution at, or following, the conference in an easily accessible, environmentally friendly and cost effective medium. It is typical for conference attendees and exhibitors to generate mountains of paper that could be easily put on CD or DVD.
Promotional CDs for bands and record labels

Where low volume CDs need to be given out at gigs by bands or for promotional / marketing activities by Labels, CD Duplication offer a highly cost effective solution especially when they need to be produced under tight time constraints. We can also assist with the mixing and mastering of your tracks.

Corporate Marketing & promotion

CD Duplication offers an excellent solution for companies wanting to deliver a messages internally or externally to clients in a simple, efficient and cost effective way. We can handle any amount of duplication work from the minimum of 50 upwards.

What is CD duplication & DVD duplication?

DVD duplication and CD duplication is the process of copying data onto a recordable disk. The DVD & CD's used in the duplication process are known as writable DVD & CD's. The DVD/CD-R's are short for Compact Disk Recordable and come as blank disks that can be written to. DVD CD-R's, used in the DVD duplication or CD duplication production process, are suitable for storing all types of data including PDF files, music, multimedia, images, sound, film and animation, and are as good a quality as commercially produced glass mastered disks.
What is CD Replication & DVD Replication?

CD and DVD replication is the process used for larger runs of media production. With a minimum order of 500 units, replication is the most cost-effective option for major runs, reducing unit costs as quantities increase. All discs are produced from a glass master, pressed and printed. Our replicated discs are industry standard. The process for the first order may take longer than when doing duplication but quicker on repeat orders.

MEGA STAR ETHIC : At Mega Star we build not only business, but also our reputation based on a simple essential concept, this is called service.  It is the cornerstone on which this production house was formed in 2007 by a well known singer and producer Sandy B Jones, and we are developing it into an ethic we call the Mega Star Ethic.

The Mega Star Ethic is made possible by the ongoing commitment of the founder and Mega Star crew who make up our dynamic company.  We are always open to new ideas.

Mega Star endeavors to be the best CD and DVD printing and duplicating company in South Africa. Our client base includes a number of up and coming artists, high profile businesspersons, independent record companies, and government sectors. We  are the ones who make promotional CDs for most big names in the music industry. Mega Star is proud to be one of the most trusted CD/DVD duplicators in KwaZulu Natal.

OVERVIEW: Mega Star was established  as a division of Township To Point Records.  Its aim was to make it easy for the artists or labels who want their recordings duplicated professionally within the short period of time.

Its operational offices serve, as a base for the production house for all entertainment needs like designing and printing of posters, Cd covers, T-shirts, banners, recording studio, etc, with CD/ DVDs and Cassettes manufacturing and duplication as its core business. We also connect our clients with music distributors and do marketing for new albums.

For client convenience we have opened our second branch in 29 Clark Road Glenwood in Durban. Thanks to our clients who are contributing to the growth of our company.We are anticipating establishing representation globally; so far we pride ourselves on prompt and quality delivery.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Each year we help create jobs for many artists. At Mega Star we encourage artists to organize themselves as business people and teach them other opportunities within the music business. We also give free workshops to our clients. Our service delivery starts from the developing a concept to packaging, designing and to duplication of sleeves. We are known to be quick in delivery.

We proceed with the job after we have received necessary documents from NORM and SARRAL, as we have to comply with the South African Copyright Acts

List of Clients

The following artist, groups and companies are some of the people that have benefited from having Mega Star close to them. We also thank them for the support.

Companies: Afrotainment, Mayonie Productions, Touch Africa Records, Loxion Records, Maltre, Lindelani Mkhize Entertainment, Durban Nights, EyedEars Records, KZN Music House, 745 Records, Dustinity Records, Black Vision, K- Cap, Government, Wow Entertainment, Emabalabala Entertainment, Sande Entertainment, HIVAN, ACCORD, The Printroom, Crown Gospel Awards, Killa Joe,  and many others.

We have printed promotional CDs / DVDs or full albums for the following artists

Zakithi, Abafana Belanga, Principal NamaNurse, Nomalanga, Mkhambathi Home Defenders, Inkanyiso Gospel Singers, Blue Stone, Same Time, Anointed Teachers, House of Praise, Devoted Boys, Genesis Umthetho Choir, Sipho Nkente, PMB Ocean Singers, Sam, Matshitshi Ngema, Isinamuva Hip Hop Compilation, Rev.Shabalala, Testify, Bhamuza, The Young Olives, Gospel Unlimited, Glorious Vision, PMB Sound of Salvation, Clermont Community Choir, Ubuhle Bezintsizwa, Sacred Brothers, Greytown Choral Society, Isiqgi Se Africa Choir, New Castle Peace Brothers,  Indwedwe Saints, Dumisani Ngcobo, Pat Zondi, National Congo Church in Zion,  4N Sisters, Sgwili, Shon G, Phumlani Ngcobo, S4 Collaboration, AmaOratsio, Methodist Church, Sabelo and Hle, Nsongeni Truth Commission, New Guys In Town and many others.

Sam, Anointed Teachers, Durban’s Finest, Dj Siyanda, Zuka, First Born Church, Amabandla Ahlangene, Slovas, Isibani SamaKhatholika, Tira, Cndo, Chynaman, Dj Bax and Dulaz, Dj 15 vs Nzwiri, Vinyl Queen, Zakes Bantwini, DJ Taaibos, Mduku God Survival, Intomb'enensila, Boss, Chester, Tee Zet, Mafiki, Benzy No Mzeyks, Madlula’s Place, Dj Vumar, Skhumba Production, Monwabisi Grootboom, Gastor, DJ Sox, Thabsile, DJ Show, Gukwa, Da Babes, DJ Amenisto, 50/50 Family, Bongi Dube, Ntokozo Masinga, Sgananda, Msawawa, Sosha, Bullistic, Waya 77, Paulino YQ, Beezori, Izinkwezeli, Umgababa Festival, Church of the Holy Ghost, Mthunzi Namba, Nyakanyaka, La Diva, Kanu, Dj Sndara, Alcupoem,Masta Li, Abalozi, Dj Fisherman, Mfiliseni Magubane, Avante, K-Cap, Afrosoul, Malini, Zola, Chaos, Asina Oda, Khawulani Mhlongo, Eyami, Nqubeko Mbatha, Betasweet, Zanele Mbokazi, Mgarimbe, Dust, Onicr, ZipHora, West Boy, MusiCafe, Conlog, iKind, Nic Billington, Makhonya, Dez Manesh, the list is endless.

CD / DVD Printing, duplicating and replicating in Durban is done at Mega Star. We are committed to providing the best quality CD Duplication services, at the very lowest price in the Durban.

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