Montego Claim

We want to be the local pet food brand of choice for South African pet owners and pets – chosen for our exceptional quality and value, as well as our reputation for influencing and facilitating positive change, not only in the communities in which we operate our business but South Africa as well.


The balance between the quality of our ingredients and the resulting value of our products must be maintained at all costs. Whether an economic recession, a formulation change or an executive decision – Montego must always strive to provide South Africa with a high-quality pet food alternative – reasonably priced for the local market.


Our inherent values must influence our business decisions and culture noticeably to entice those that share our values to join us. This holds for both potential employees as it is for potential business partners.


To maintain our consistent growth and prosperity, we must continue to deliver in terms of volume, reach and customer service. In harmony with this, we must also be continually seeking to improve what we already have and seek out what we do not.


Within our walls, out into our town and far out into the rest of the country – we must always seek to preserve what can be preserved, and improve what cannot. All of our success and prosperity would be irrelevant if we didn’t better the quality of life for all South Africans and pets – for this generation and the next – along the way.

We want to be the local pet food brand of choice

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