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Brief backround:

Victor Ladorum award at school level
Studied Physical Education
Played Provincial and National level hockey
Avid Cyclist and mountain biker
Recently completed half iron and full iron man


Our state of the art EMS technology hails from Germany, manufactured by a company called Miha Bodytec. Their credentials are outstanding, with over 4500 centres in europe. It is this excellence that My Renaissance can now bring to the South African public.


Every session is supervised by a trained personal trainer that will provide you with the attention needed to ensure results. We are committed to motivating and guiding you to achieve your physical goals, and will advise and monitor your progress throughout the duration of your training with us – ensuring that you are completely satisfied after each experience.


To provide the most effective, most efficient personalised 20 minute EMS workout possible, using the latest high end high tech EMS technology from Germany, built on a foundation of making available solid and tested nutritional eating plans. This creating a World class experience with sustainable results in an atmosphere of positive energy and inspiration for your overall Wellness and Great Health.

This is My Renaissance

Every session is supervised by a trained personal trainer

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