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Naartjie Kids

what’s in a name…perhaps a bit of magic?

every south african intrinsically knows the smell, the taste and the feel of a naartjie.  but for those of you reading this who don’t know, a naartjie (pronounced nar-chee) is a small sweet citrus fruit grown locally in south africa.  and, like its name sake, the naartjie clothing brand is a deep rooted south african product that has a flavour and style all of its own.

we offer locally designed fun fashion for kids from newborn to 10 years.
our history

naartjie was established in 1989 in cape town, south africa, by clothing designer and mom of three boys anne eales.  initially, the range was designed and manufactured in her garage and sold exclusively through markets in cape town.  but in 1991 it opened its first official retail outlet in the popular v&a waterfront.

over the next decade, naartjie flourished with stores opening in every major shopping centre throughout the country.  parents countrywide fell in love with its distinctive styling, roomy fit and its fantastic quality.  naartjie clothing was a welcome relief from what was available at the time.

over the past years naartjie has cemented their foothold in south africa with 30 stores, along with a popular online store in south africa.

naartjie is a division of Truworths Limited
our collections

naartjie  generates ten ranges per year, with brand new prints, fresh colours and current trends for kids from newborn to ten years old.

all design is carried out on our home turf in cape town south africa, by a team of talented, slightly whacky, but highly skilled designers who get their inspiration from what they see locally in nature or on the streets, as well as global trends observed on their frequent travels.

the essential and underlying design blueprint, envisaged and instilled in the brand by founder anne, remains to this day – designs that reflect an innovative and above all creative interpretation of fashion trends that are perfectly appropriate and suited to no one else but kids.

the overall result is a much loved brand offering children’s garments in the best kid-friendly fabrics and manufactured to the highest quality, with built in comfort, invaluable durability and supremely distinctive styling and colour.

with the latest fashion silhouettes, from shoes to sleepwear, swim wear, day wear and occasion wear, to newborn baby wear right up to matching hair accessories and bags – the collections are perfectly co-ordinated and polished off.

naartjie garments are made almost entirely from 100% cotton, and garment dyed. garment dying means that the clothes are dyed after they've been stitched up. it is a more expensive process, but ensures a vibrancy of colour that we love.  the garments also have a softer and more authentic feel because of the unique washing processes that we use, and it means they are 100% pre-shrunk.

at naartjie  quality is an absolute obsession, so you can rest assured – the clothes you invest in will be handed down from sibling to sibling for years to come.

The naartjie clothing brand is a deep rooted south african product that has a flavour and style all of its own.

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