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Netcare 911
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Netcare 911

Netcare 911, the wholly-owned, pre-hospital risk management and emergency medical assistance subsidiary of Netcare Ltd, provides emergency medical services to patients in crisis and emergency situations including:

Fully integrated, world-class emergency medical assistance
Evacuation by road or air
Telephonic medical advisory services

Our core competence lies in providing single-source evacuation capabilities in South Africa and rim countries - within the diverse roles of road-, air ambulance and medical escorts. Netcare 911 is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest clinical standards in every facet of our operations.
We strive to offer the best response times and paramedical expertise in the EMS industry. Netcare 911 protocols, training, equipment and staff are constantly benchmarked against international guidelines and standards.
Netcare 911 has an impressive infrastructural capability that makes it the preferred emergency management assistance provider in South Africa.
Netcare 911 ensures a competitive advantage through:

A strong track record of practical experience in the provision of in-field emergency assistance solutions
An established culture of performance-measured initiatives to ensure a continued high standard of expert clinical care
The capacity to deliver an entire emergency service package and the organisational support necessary to sustain these services
Pre-hospital assistance solutions, telephonic advisory services and evacuation transportation

Investment in self-owned and managed ground and air ambulance resources is a means of controlling end-product service quality, optimum response performance and resource availability. Since our inception in 1998 we have invested heavily in operational resources and capabilities.

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