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Osman’s Wholesalers

Osman’s is headquartered in Hospital Road, South Beach. It comprises of two warehouses and one mega store. Of the 3 600 m2 total space, 1 200 m2 is trading space, with the balance used for warehousing and office space. We have a variety of active product units on offer that appeal to a range of niche customers. With our offices, warehouse and store under one roof we can focus on consumer needs and trends more effectively, giving us an advantage over the competition - which results in greater satisfaction to our customers.

Our Cape Town branch includes a 1 200 m2 store and a 3 100 m2 warehouse. The business model is one based on low margins and the distribution of high volumes of merchandise in selected categories. A superior merchandise proposition (the right combination of quality, innovation, style, price, etc.) is the cornerstone of the value offered to customers.

To deliver world-class service and quality at a price our customers view as “value for money”. By means of continual innovation we will endeavour to make each customer’s experience in our stores a magical and memorable one.

As a wholesaler cash and carry our success is driven by our ability to provide the right product at the right price to the respective segments in our target market. Achieving this objective has resulted in our extraordinary track record. We give you ‘Value for Money’. Our strategy of stocking popular and enduring brands, and extending and revitalising our lines as needed to deliver value according to market demand, has enabled Osman’s to retain their existing customers while always acquiring new ones.

Osman’s product range lends itself perfectly to the corporate gift and promotional items market. With products such as filofax covers, key rings, wallets, pens and clocks in stock, we are already supplying major players in the financial sector.

These items are easily branded and personalized to carry your message and logo. And with bulk purchases, significant cost savings are achieved.

We have a variety of active product units on offer

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