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PoolEazy offers effective, affordable and cost efficient solutions to maintain your swimming pool water in a pristine and desirable condition throughout the year.

We offer 2 service packages to enable you to choose the most appropriate one in terms of maintenance responsibilities, pool conditions and budget.  Both packages include the use of our treatment product which enhances clean, safe water whilst reducing the amount of chlorine and maintenance and increasing the clarity and hygiene of your pool water.   The reduced chlorine concentrations in swimming pools is safer for the users and is of course kinder to the environment.

Package 1 is for you if you still have the time to do the basic maintenance but want to save over 50% on your chlorine usage, reduce your filter time and prevent algae growth.  Vacuum time and brush time will also be reduced so your basic maintenance shouldn’t be too time comsuming.

Package 2 is suitable for those pool owners who do not have the time for regular pool maintenance but who want a clean and sparkling pool thoughout the year.

The Bi-Monthly (once every 2 months) treatment maintains your pool water in a clean and sanitized condition with only a minimum addition of granular chlorine.  With this treatment you are able to reduce your pump time and save on your electricity bill.

This service will reduce your granular chlorine usage by at least 50%
The cost of our treatment and the reduced intake of chlorine will likely be less than what you are currently spending on your pool.
Prevents sudden algae growth that occurs after rain and storms
Does not contain copper and will not stain the surfaces of your pool
Is not sensitive to pH changes or salinity
Highly effective sanitizer and safe for swimmers - even on the day of application
Safe and reduces time and money spent on pool maintenance
Sparkling clean swimming pool water
So effective that pool filter time can be reduced resulting in less electricity usage

The Weekly Pool Maintenance Service includes the bi-monthly treatment and the following services:

Clear and clean of skimmer and pump baskets
Netting of surface and bottom of pool
Brushing of sides and bottom of pool
Backwash and rinse
Water tests
Supply and application of required chlorine
Reporting of any faults outside the service scope

PoolEazy offers effective, affordable and cost efficient solutions

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