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Proprop started 20 years ago by Mike & Jeanette Bennett, primarily operating in the Pinetown and Westville areas and has since grown to a Company with our Main Branch and Head Office in Pinetown, 1 Branch and 5 Franchises all operating within the Durban and Greater Durban Metropolitan area, with the exception of the Pietermaritzburg franchise.

Proprop is rated a BEE company with the majority of whom have been trained from inception. Our philosophy is to train brand new agents using “Motivated” training methods, (David Knox Mentor Series- Real Estate Training Course from America), and not relying on 2nd hand agents from other companies.

Coupled with our innovative technology (using PropCtrl, unique Vesta Listing and Client Contact System) and Internet exposure, (Proprop Website plus coverage on other web pages), ensures that we maintain our position as the leading Real Estate group within the Pinetown area. Market share and penetration is growing within our other areas of operation.

Proprop started 20 years ago by Mike & Jeanette Bennett

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