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Roti and Chai

ROTI & CHAI brings to you the authentic taste of Indian street's what we like to call 'Real Indian street Food'.

India's street food popularity has risen immensely, but what we have is something a little different. It's real. It's honest. It's simple. We're bringing you the ultimate taste of India through our unique menu of Tandoor Wraps or Naanwhich Rolls,Tandoor Chicken,Lamb,veg & Seafoods and a selection of traditional Indian drinks. 'CHAI CHAI' we hear you say! It's just as you would find on the bustling streets of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta.

"In this day and age where Indian food has been reformed to the most sophisticated level, it has somehow lost its essence and authenticity. I am bringing a very simple and honest plate of food to my guests, inspired by age old traditions and simplicity, food that will touch your heart and soul and that I believe is limitless. At Roti & Chai we are not just cooking, we are redefining Indian Street Food".

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