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Seafood Market

In today’s world of generically modified foods, the masses are being blindfolded into believing that there is a healthy alternative when it comes to food. The unfortunate truth is that there is very little that can be classified as naturally grown and absolutely fresh, whether produced or farmed, or home grown. At Seafood Market we acknowledge that our industry is the only one that provides a source of food born and grown naturally in a habitat that is undisturbed by man. Therefore it is our responsibility to deliver our catches to the consumer just as we found it and the way nature intended it, FRESH!

It is no fluke that Seafood Market has become a major supplier to corporate caterers and a trusted household name when it comes to delivering only the freshest and highest quality seafood to thousands of plates daily. This has been achieved by sourcing out the most experienced and advanced trawlers and local fishing boats that collect fish from Richards Bay in the north, and Cape Town in the south. At any given time and depending on the season, one could expect a variety of fish that include rockod, slingers, soldgiers, soles, hake, kingklip, salmon, yellowtail, Dorado, Norwegian salmon, tuna etc.

While adhering fully to all safety, health and sanitary regulations our highly qualified staff offer our clientele various ways in which to prepare our delicacies. One could have their purchase filleted, deboned, sliced, butterflied, skinned etc. Since moving to our new much larger premises we not only satisfy the local needs but are now be able to get fish to any part of the country faster and fresher than ever before. Our wholesale division boasts customer deliveries within four hours of receiving our catches, without breaking the Green list of sustainable fish or the Cold Chain.

Also as a result of acquiring our new premises, Sea Food Market now offers their counter customers a range of new frozen finger foods and hot meals that will bring joy to any housewife or corporate function. These products are prepared in-house and are the closest to home-made that one will find. Included in the frozen finger food department our customers can spoil themselves with a large range of fresh smoked haddock, Scottish kippers, peppered angel fish, spicy fish cakes, prawn cakes, marinated  Prawns and fish. The in-house Take Away serves crispy battered English style fresh fish & chips, deep fried calamari, prawns and freshly made Indian prawn, fish, and crab curries.

Our speciality department will leave the prawn connoisseur in absolute amazement. Seafood Market carries the largest range of freshly frozen prawns. Pop in at any time to take advantage of our prawn harvest. There is no stopping us when it comes to freshness in our prawns. Feast your taste buds on any of the following; natal pink prawns, Mozambique pink & white prawns, Indian tiger prawns, langoustines, crayfish, crabs, scallops, clams, and calamari. Like we suggested earlier, ‘Pop in at any time, we guarantee to get you hooked, Remember! If it’s not Fresh, it’s not at Seafood Market.

It is our responsibility to deliver our catches to the consumer.

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