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Shaolin Kung Fu

The Shaolin Kung-fu Health Centre, school has been open since 1991. The Martial Arts School is Durban’s oldest traditional and most successful Chinese Kung-fu School (over 200 national and international medals). We are passionate about our Kung-fu and upgrading everybody’s lives. We will take you beyond your boundaries, flatten inhibitions and promotes well-being in everyone’s life. We will teach you to challenge yourself and give meaning to your everyday existence. Functional fitness incorporating practical self defence classes and breathing techniques. We provide weapon training and sparring as you progress.

The Kung-fu School has moved from its original location which was on the Bluff, and then Cowie Centre. Our Kung-fu school is now located in central Durban, just around the corner from Tollgate Bridge making it easy for all to attend classes.

The Kung-fu school has a great energy within it that many people comment on feeling when they first visit. A friendly yet disciplined Kwoon (school) there are many benefits to training at The Shaolin Kung-fu Health Centre.

Sifu has many years of knowledge having trained all over the globe in many Martial Art styles. The school has a lounge area where students are able to sip herbal green tea and chat. Mineral water is available to students when they are given a water break. The school boasts wooden sprung floors and 15 meter ceilings. Full toilet and shower facilities are available. Discovery Vitality recognises the importance of this type of exercise and feels that it helps to promote healthy living. Discovery therefore award you 150 Vitality Points for every time students attend classes.

We invite you to come and visit our Kung-fu Martial Arts School and begin the path into the garden of well being and learning the art of Kung-fu with a full and complete curriculum and experienced instructors.

We are passionate about our Kung-fu


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