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Tammy Brink Styles – Educational Psychologist

I decided to become a psychologist when I was 16 years old. Since I qualified in 1995, I have had the opportunity to work in a diversity of contexts and have developed an ever-growing love for the work I do.

These include:
A specialised school for learners with physical handicaps at which I was the school psychologist
A Non-governmental organisation conducting an HIV prevention programme in an informal settlement community for which I provided psychological consulting, psycho-educational and training services
A University Student Counselling Centre at which I provided psychological support and counselling for students
Independent private practice and practice in association with fellow psychologists
Lecturing of undergraduate and postgraduate psychology subjects and training and supervision of intern registered counsellors

The breadth of my experience has grown me personally and professionally. My vision in my role as a psychologist is to facilitate the growth and nurture the psychological health of my clients to the best of my ability within the scope of my qualification, experience and competence. Growth as a result of therapy is often difficult in itself and may require adjustments which are uncomfortable and shift things in a client's life. I love witnessing the empowerment that comes when clients, young and old catch a glimpse of their inner resources and observing them flourish as a result. I deem it a privilege to be a part of the process of my clients reaching closer to the fulfillment of their potential.

The breadth of my experience has grown me personally and professionally.