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Thabani Zulu & Co

Thabani Zulu and Company, affectionately called TZ& Co, was formed in 2001 under  the Name UKUTHABA FINANCIAL CONSULTING. The company was officially registered as Thabani Zulu and Co in 2003 with Independent Regulatory Board of South Africa (IRBA) and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

The firm will always pride itself with its relevance to the needs of the clients and its responsiveness to the general community needs.

As a philosophy, Thabani Zulu and Company has always targeted the youth for employment opportunities and released them after significant training and development to the broader business world to add value and use the skills generated from the firm to enhance their organizations. Our alumnae are making strides in Commerce, Government and private practice. The firm takes pride in witnessing these  ex-colleagues expand their horizons.

With all changes that have taken effect, the firm has retained its core values of :
Service excellence,
•Social responsibility
•Skills development.

Thabani  Zulu and Company offers the following core services
1.Internal Auditing
2.External Auditing
3.Forensic investigation services
4.Risk Management
5.Financial Management
6.Business Consulting

Our experience in business at all levels, coupled with our unmatched skills in imparting knowledge, is arguably the best in the industry.

Our solutions and material are cutting edge and unprecedented with our clients often remarking on the quality of our service offering.

The key to our service offering is our approach to our clients as business partners rather than clients, often absorbing their challenges as ours and drawing on our knowledge and experience to offer meaningful solutions.

The firm will always pride itself with its relevance to the needs of the clients

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