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The Origin

Style and design

Set across 3 floors in the historic Winston Hotel, Origin is an entertainment wonderland featuring 5 dance floors, numerous bars and lounges, chill-out areas, and a rooftop terrace. The interior design is influenced by the latest trends and styles coming straight out of the best clubs in places like Ibiza, New York, London, Paris.

It's about the music

Above all, Origin is about the music. We love music. We love every genre of electronic dance music, and just about every kind of non-dance music too, from smoky French house to Mississippi blues, from thumping techno to grunge rock, from psytrance to thug hop. We daydream about a future world where everyone listens to everything, and don't judge or diss the other genres.

That's why we created 5 music zones to give people a chance to experience and get into other genres that they may not previously have enjoyed,whilst at the same time, knowing precisely where to go to hear their favourite genre, pounding away, at any time.

It's about meeting people

Origin is architected from the ground up to create distincly separate social spaces that have different emotions, different atmospheres, and different music. And even the people that inhabit the different areas will have a wide range of backgrounds, personalites, and musical tastes. And this creates a swirling melting pot of social interactions with cool, arty, funky, edgy, weird, and wonderful people, that often wouldn't have met each other if it wasn't for Origin's giant churning People Blender.

It's about partying like royalty

Origin prides herself on having world class technology, decor, sound, and lighting, creating a party wonderland totally detached from reality that allows you to unwind, de-stress, socialise, dance til the sweat drips off the tip of your nose, and get an ice cold drink at the bar without queues and waits, surrounded by an environment of beautiful design, gorgeous people, and plenty of chillout areas.

Origin is an entertainment wonderland

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