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The Smile Emporium

Everyone would love to look younger, fresher and less stressed. We provide a range of non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments that include Botox treatments, Juvederm fillers and a full range of dental treatments to give you that winning smile. The procedures are mostly painless and take years off your face leaving a more youthful, relaxed You with a sparkling smile. We provide a very calm, quiet environment in which to have your beauty treatments done.

Dr Sheryl A Smithies studied her dental degree at the University of Pretoria, graduating in 2004. After a year spent doing Community Service in Mkuze she moved to Durban where she joined Dr Piet Smith in practice in Musgrave. In 2011 she joined forces with Dr Paul Ras to open a new practice in Musgrave Park.

Sheryl enjoys helping people with their dental needs and enjoys creating beautiful teeth and astounding smiles. In April 2009 Sheryl extended her treatment portfolio by learning how to administer both Botox Treatments and Juvederm Filler treatments.

Dr Paul Ras studied at the University of Pretoria and completed his BSc degree in 1994. He then continued with his dental degree and finished in 1999. After practicing in England for 7 years he and his wife returned to South Africa in 2006. Paul has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry which includes Botox and Juvederm filler treatments.

Sheryl and Paul pride themselves in giving natural looking aesthetic treatments that give a younger fresher look to any face. The practice imbues a calming atmosphere for any dental and aesthetic treatment. Our technology allows for painless injections and we cater to the nervous patients as well as being kiddy-friendly.

This practice expects up front payments for all procedures done. If necessary cost estimates will be given for the bigger treatments.

The procedures are mostly painless and take years off your face leaving a more youthful

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