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Tree Tops School

Tree Tops is an independent secular, co-educational school that specialises in educating young children from 'age 3 to grade 3.'
The School is a Non-Profit Company. which has children at the heart of its business. The size of the school lends itself to the development of personal relationships between staff, pupils and parents, which contributes to a warm sense of community and shared endeavour.

Our core purpose is to promote and protect the rights of children in our care to a wholesome and unhurried experience of childhood, while guiding and supporting their growth, development and fulfillment of potential in a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment.

In fulfilling Tree Tops' core purpose, we aim to ensure that our school is:

A place of peace, happiness and security, where love and laughter are woven into the fabric of each day
A place where daily opportunities for creative and constructive play are available for all age groups
A place where the emphasis is on caring and sharing, and on discovering one's humanity
A place where value systems and acceptable conduct are defined clearly and upheld consistently.
A place where each child is encouraged to be the 'best that she/he can be' and where the diverse talents of all children are celebrated
A place of natural beauty and tranquility, where children are aware of the wonders of the world around them
A place where commonalities are emphasised, rather than cultural and religious differences
A place where individual learning styles are recognised in the design and delivery of the curriculum
A place where gender differences are acknowledged, but stereotypes are mediated against and are not allowed to limit the aspirations or interests of either boys or girls
A place where pride is fostered in one's school, city, province and country
We are committed to encouraging and supporting our children to develop:

Independence and self-discipline
Self -respect
Respect for others
Respect for the environment, with special emphasis on the natural world
An appreciation of the fragile nature of our Earth and the need to live in ways that promote environmental sustainability
Tolerance and empathy
A knowledge of right and wrong
A sense of fellowship
A sense of humour and
The confidence to take risks and try new things.
Tree Tops School is a learning community, marked by collegial cooperation, which recognises learning both as an individual and collective process and creates school structures and processes to support high achievement by children in all areas of the curriculum.

Teachers in our Foundation Phase (Grade R to Grade 3) are committed to assisting all learners to achieve the outcomes of the Curriculum And Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) and move beyond them wherever possible.

Tree Tops is a member of the Independent of South Africa and is a Eco-School with 'Green Flag' status.

Tree Tops is an independent secular, co-educational school that specialises in educating young children from 'age 3 to grade 3.'

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