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Trellidor Durban North

Trellidor is one of the most trusted names in barrier security in South Africa. Internationally we are best known for our Trellidor Trojan II - T1000, certified for its strength by the LPCB (London-based Loss Prevention Certification Board).

We have designed and manufactured steel security barriers for doors and windows since 1976. Our research and development team has stayed in step with the challenging South African market, improving on our product offering as new technology and materials become available.

In addition to securing hundreds of thousands of homes and small businesses over the years, Trellidor has partnered with large retail groups such as Relyant Retail, Makro, Mr Price, JD Group, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite Group, Checkers/Hyper, Sainsburys and Tesco. They all choose Trellidor to help protect both their employees and their assets.
Company History

We began as a small business based in Durban, South Africa, manufacturing and installing Trellidor products in homes from apartments to large executive dwellings. As the business grew, we opened branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

By the early 1980's it had become obvious that to maintain our high levels of service and reach all corners of South Africa, we would have to franchise our operation, and today we have over 70 outlets throughout the country. Trellidor is still expanding to continue to provide an efficient service to all our customers, and new franchisees regularly come on board.

Our export division took off in the mid 1980's with the establishment of a distributorship in Israel. We are now represented in over 24 countries worldwide, 17 of those on the African continent.

Trellidor is one of the most trusted names in barrier security in South Africa.

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