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Varsity College
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Varsity College

A campus with an extremely strong sporting presence – that continues to grow every year – Durban North is also the home of the Varsity College Centres of Excellence for hockey and rugby. And for socially conscious, as opposed to sporty students, the campus’s community engagement group VC Cares visits local children’s homes and runs various projects to help uplift people in the area.

Think of VC Durban North as a highly motivated, active, close family always ready with a smile and offer to help.


hockey, rugby, surfing, surfski, canoeing, mountain biking


Enjoy breaks out on our deck while overlooking the ocean, and then take it a step further by accepting our Learn-To-Surf Challenge. Such is the benefit of living in a city with year round beach-ready weather!

For some quiet, rejuvenating solitude, meanwhile, just down the road from our campus is the lush Japanese Gardens, which offers escape from the urban bustle.

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